Good hair day.


Hold the door. 

Birthdays are always special. Especially when it’s been 2 decades of your annoying presence😂. So here goes :

To someone who’s my junior,( but not really) 

To someone who I enjoy irritating, and who enjoys irritating me, 

To someone who I can laugh unstoppably with, 

To someone who never stops teasing me, 

And giving me the worst nick names, 

But has never failed to appreciate me. 

To a person who always held the door, 

And always will. 

Happy happy 20😁 You turned 20 before me! I hope you had an amazing day. ❤️

*(A special birthday post, because I’ll have to make up for not being there 🙁) 

The skeptic

The girl was just 10 years old. Her family was visiting a temple. 

A rich family arrived there, carrying a huge vessel full of milk. It was easily at least 50 litres. The Iyer readily accepted the offering. After cleaning the deity, he slowly poured all the milk on the idol. The girl observed the droplets flowing over the idol, reaching the floor and finally draining into the gutter. Thick, pure milk was intentionally poured into the gutters. Her young brain could not find a reason. 

She had questions that no one would ever answer. 

The credulous girl was gone. A skeptic was born. 


It was a bustling weekday in the town bus stand. Hoardes of people jostled under the dim streetlights during the late evening hour. 

’70A’ arrived. The huge wave of crowd rushed towards the bus. The girl was one among the crowd. Everybody rushed past her, shoving her behind. As she was frantically moving to catch the bus, there it was. A grope. It wasn’t accidental, it was as intentional as it could ever be. She could not see the face of the guy who did it. He disappeared into the mob of people around her. All she could do was shout silently. A tear rolled from her eyes. Somehow, she managed to catch the bus. In spite of being fully clothed, she felt stark naked. And there was nothing she could do about it. 

That’s when the little girl in her was gone. A feminist was born. 


Everything was falling apart. She sat in the verandah, sobbing softly. She loathed her life. It seemed like she had no one. Everybody around her were utterly fake. 

Soft footsteps behind her. She still kept sobbing. He came and sat next to her in the hushed silence. His warm presence soothed her a little bit. Finally, she stopped sobbing and looked at him. There were no words. He gave her a reassuring look. That was all it took. For a moment there, the world belonged to her. She realized, not everyone was fake. She hugged him as he slowly brushed his paw against her, wagging his tail. 

He was her gravity, he held the broken pieces of her together. Dogs truly are a man’s best friend. 


Words can be thorns. Even worse. At least thorns only hurt physically. 

‘Friends’, they called themselves. 

But friends aren’t people who question your every action.

Friends aren’t people who judge you.

Friends aren’t people who let another person’s opinion bother them.

Friends aren’t people who ignore you.

Friends aren’t people who let you feel left out, no matter what.

Friends aren’t people who behave differently behind your back.

Friends aren’t people who let you down.

But they did all the above.

And finally said, “Let’s be normal again.”

Little did they know, that broken glass is impossible to fix.

It’s now Monica, Joey and Phoebe without Ross.