Feminism, what do you think it is?

It’s not inequality;

It’s not just seeking for attention;

It’s not for benefits;

It’s not chauvinism;

It’s not for the sake of altercation;

It’s not about being selfish;

All these are just misconceptions,

Remonstrances against FEMINISM.

To all the men out there, you don’t get to throw away accusations;

Have you ever been asked to not follow your dreams because of your gender?

Or have you ever been gawked at for dressing the way you like?

Have you ever been asked to cover up your face because it’s a sin?

Or been raped,killed and murdered for no reason?

You’d have to walk a thousand miles in our shoes just to see what it’s like to be women.

Stop being bigoted, be radical;

Feminism is fair-minded, and so are feminists.