Words can be thorns. Even worse. At least thorns only hurt physically. 

‘Friends’, they called themselves. 

But friends aren’t people who question your every action.

Friends aren’t people who judge you.

Friends aren’t people who let another person’s opinion bother them.

Friends aren’t people who ignore you.

Friends aren’t people who let you feel left out, no matter what.

Friends aren’t people who behave differently behind your back.

Friends aren’t people who let you down.

But they did all the above.

And finally said, “Let’s be normal again.”

Little did they know, that broken glass is impossible to fix.

It’s now Monica, Joey and Phoebe without Ross.



“There’s a meteor shower tonight.”, said the news channel. Like everytime, she was hyper the whole day and couldn’t wait to get home. After getting home, her impatience rose by the minute. Each minute toward nightfall felt like an hour.

Finally, the sky went dark. She hurriedly packed her telescope that her mom had gifted her on her birthday. She went to the terrace, set up her telescope and settled down, staring at the sky. The sky was dull blue, misty; not a single star in sight. Her mood steeped, like a bungee jump-fall. This wasn’t the first time she was disappointed by the city sky. 

Her disappointment didn’t stop her. She stayed there for a very long while, she even lost track of time. Stayed there, just wondering. Wondering what fraction of the universe she comprised. Wondering what else could be out there. Hours passed.

Being a young girl in a society that wouldn’t let her be happy, she made herself happy with the smallest of things. 

No matter how many times the sky disappoints her, she would never stop. She would keep coming, until she finally spots a meteor. A meteor soaring high across the sky, without the slightest hesitation, so lively, so hauntingly amazing.

Just like her spirit.


​It all began with a spelling error on the black board. Being the spelling-obsessed people they both are, that’s how their first conversation started. 

Their little bond grew, grew into a strong friendship. He was her personal diary, and she was his. But good things never last long. A silly fight and a useless misunderstanding later, it was all gone, gone before they realized. 

Inspite of it, as a last try to mend it, she turned up for his birthday. But that made no difference.
A year went by. A whole year of untold stories, unnoticed glances, and unnecessary anger. It seemed like they had forgotten what ‘normal’ was; something was missing in both their lives, without them even realizing it. 
Then came his next birthday. She didn’t turn up. She was done trying to mend something that she thought was long gone. Little did she know that she couldn’t be more wrong.
Unexpectedly, there was an opportunity to go to a College in Vellore, a group of 10 friends, and both of them readily agreed to go. 
The diminished spark was relit, stronger than ever before. They got to spend a lot of time together, catching up on everything they missed in each other’s lives. 

Finally, all it took was one word and one look into his eyes.

It began feeling like before again. 

It wasn’t void anymore. 

She realized how much she had missed him. Even though words had remained unspoken for days, he had always been there, a guardian hidden in the shadows.

Here he was now, out of the shadows, back into the light. A light that guides her way.

It was such a beautiful reconciliation.♥


Have you ever wondered,

Why a stone gets more respect than you do?

Why a mere pot marked with kum-kum and ash earns more than you do?

Why people trust an invisible entity more than they trust you?

Why more litres of milk is wasted on a lifeless idol, instead of filling the stomachs of the needy?

Why millions of people die for the sake of a so-called ‘faith’ towards something non-existent?

Well, wonder now, before it’s too late.

Don’t let injustice happen for the sake of belief.


Question the realm, open your mind,

Instead of locking up your thoughts in your dungeon.



Feminism, what do you think it is?

It’s not inequality;

It’s not just seeking for attention;

It’s not for benefits;

It’s not chauvinism;

It’s not for the sake of altercation;

It’s not about being selfish;

All these are just misconceptions,

Remonstrances against FEMINISM.

To all the men out there, you don’t get to throw away accusations;

Have you ever been asked to not follow your dreams because of your gender?

Or have you ever been gawked at for dressing the way you like?

Have you ever been asked to cover up your face because it’s a sin?

Or been raped,killed and murdered for no reason?

You’d have to walk a thousand miles in our shoes just to see what it’s like to be women.

Stop being bigoted, be radical;

Feminism is fair-minded, and so are feminists.