Is it a song that keeps ringing in your mind ?

Or is it just a train of thought that winds ?

Like a clock, tick rock, time slowly flies.

You hear the crickets chirp, the dogs bark, as you simply lie

Eyes open wide

Thoughts flying high

‘What if’s, ‘if not’s and whatnot.

You desperately call out to sleep, but it doesn’t come to your aid;

You try counting to hundred, but the numbers fade.

Instead, thoughts so deep fill your brain;

“How was the universe formed?”

And so on. 

You finally nod off, but all of a sudden, a sliver of light

Penetrates the window, now it’s too bright. 

Exasperation fills your heart

As you’re already off to a rocky start.

You finally realize that, though it’s funny,

Not all things can be bought with money.


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